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"Lauren breaks down everything from editing, to uploading, to landing your first launch client. The course is packed full of valuable information from discovery call scripts to Trello boards for launching and ongoing monthly maintenance."

- Rayna Booth,

"I landed my first $1,000 client and $1,350 launch client! The course is GOLD!"

- Ashleigh Smith

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Lauren Wrighton
Lauren Wrighton

Hi, I'm Lauren! I help freelancers become profitable podcast managers!

I'm also a wife, a mom, a Christian business owner, and Podcast Strategist!

I started editing podcasts in 2016 and have since built a Podcast Management business that brings in over $5k per month. I now help freelancers like you build a profitable podcast management business without working more than 20 hours per week!

Having worked on more than 10 shows that have ranked #1 in Apple's Business and Entrepreneur category and landed in New and Noteworthy, I am well-equipped to help YOU help your clients launch amazing podcasts.

I've created the Podcast Manager Program and other products to share what I've learned and to teach you how you can also become a profitable podcast manager! With 100,000 new podcasts being started each month, there is a huge need for GREAT podcast managers and that's what I'm here to teach you to become!